The dangers that exist on motorways are not particularly due to the overall speed of traffic on those roads, but due to the lack of experience that many drivers have when encountering them for the first time. Driving Tuition on the motorways after passing the test is really important, but unfortunately, not many learners will take Motorway Tuition once they have passed their test. New drivers always admit that the thought of going on a motorway frightens them, as it can be very scary the first time on the motorway, surrounded by large lorries, all travelling along close to each other, pulling out suddenly with very little warning etc. Taking lessons on the motorway, in a dual-controlled car, with a professional pointing out problems with high speed traffic, overtaking, multi-lane changing, switching Motorways and so on, will help you to overcome any fears you may have, therefore making your journey on these roads much safer, and hopefully more enjoyable. The Government are considering making changes to ¬†driving tuition, to make it possible for learner drivers to have lessons on the motorways as part of the normal curriculum, and these changes will hopefully come into force next year. Learner drivers will be able to take driving lessons on the motorway, as long as they are accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. Mr. Mike Penning,¬†Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, says: "It will be possible for learner drivers to undergo some training on a motorway, but only if accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. The changes will not be made compulsory because of the difficulties learner drivers in remote areas of the country face in finding a motorway within a reasonable distance of where they live." According to figures compiled by the Dept. of Transport, 82 drivers under 21 were involved in fatal motorway crashes between 2006, and 2010. This may not sound many over that period of time, but it is 82 young people too many. Mr. Penning asks ADI's; "Are we teaching young people to simply pass a test, or giving them the skills to enjoy life on the roads?" The changes will mean that young drivers can be properly supervised on how to drive on motorways with a professional trainer beside them, instead of simply "finding their own way" Until these changes take place, here at Croft School of Motoring, we give FREE motorway lessons on some of our special offers, and also FREE motorway lessons for those who "pay as they go", who pass first time. See our offers and prices pages for details, or just simply call us.