mistercroft from Croft School of Motoring

Hi and thank you for visiting the Croft School of Motoring website. My name is Brian Eustace, but because of my little cartoon character, a lot of my pupils call me “Mistercroft”. This is the story of Mistercroft.
When I first started the driving school back in 1987, I pondered for a while over the name of the school, and at the time, I lived in a road in Chasetown called Barncroft. I didn’t want to use the name Barncroft particularly, and as some of our previous addresses contained the word “croft” somehow, I decided to call the school “Croft School of Motoring”, thereby shortening the word Barncroft. Previous addresses were “Croft Parade” in Aldridge, and “LeaCroft” housing developement in Chase Terrace, so the shortened form “Croft” seemed like a bit of an omen.


When people were ringing me for driving lessons, they all used to say; “Is that Mr Croft?” and at first I used to explain that it wasn’t actually my name, etc., but after a while I just used to answer “Yes it is.”.  A few years later, I decided I wanted to try to do something different with the school, to try and stand out from all the others, as it were, so I designed my little cartoon character on the computer, and then used it as my marketing strategy, putting it on signs on the car, and stationery, websites etc., and he has been with me ever since.

I now find myself teaching the sons and daughters of the people  I originally taught all those years ago, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to know they still remember me and my cartoon from all those years ago, and now want me to teach their children. I feel that I must have done something right at the time for them to remember me, so thanks to all of them, I really appreciate their loyalty.

Well that’s the end of the short story of “Mistercroft”, thank you for reading it and I hope you will consider me for your driving lessons. Navigate to the “Contacts” page and fill in the online form, or call or email me to book your lessons.

Thanks, and Best Wishes from “mistercroft”, I hope to see you soon.